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The Elementals + Jonah & the Wailers

Classes at
Thursday 7-9pm


THE ELEMENTALS are an auditioned acappella choir of about 20 singers, specialising in African American influenced traditional gospel (think Sister Act!), & related styles, … which can also include contemporary pop songs which touch the heart & soul.

Feel the spirit and join the fun with Sydney's vibey
acappella gospel choir The Elementals.

We welcome new singers to audition with us. We are of no specific religion, although we do tend to sing spiritual, heartfelt and soulful music.

We are a strong and committed choir, and our musical director is Ian Laurence. Ian began the choir in 1991. He was a film composer at the time, but wanted to get back into live performance … so the concept of The Elementals is that rehearsals are great in themselves, … but also, it's great to be able to share your music with audiences! The accent is on expression of feelings through music, so there's lots of joy, soul, great musicianship … without forgetting ... plenty of focus! … Plus, the more you develop your strength & confidence in your singing, the more you might also like to try doing "solos" with the choir.


Arrive at 7pm and join in with the normal rehearsal – so that you can get to know us a little and audition us as a choir!

At about 8.15 we have a small break with a cuppa and then in the break you can sing a song to us (or just to Ian if you don’t want to sing in front of the whole group)

Ian will check things like pitch, rhythm, voice control etc. Try to choose a song that is well within your comfort zone. Remember, this is not an exam. The most important thing is that you love singing!

Rehearsals: Thursday evenings from 7 - 9 pm.

Listen to one of our performances at Manly.
Check it out on YouTube.