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The Elementals Choir Rehearsal Times

Time: 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM
Call Ian on 0407 431 831 for any questions.

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Introducing the Elementals Choir 

The Elementals Choir is an Acapella community choir in Sydney’s Inner West. With about 20 singers, specialising in gospel singing. Think Sister Act! There are not many singing groups in sydney that sing contemporary pop with a touch of heart & soul. Our choir is based in Leichhardt in the Inner West of Sydney.

Feel the spirit and join the fun with our vibey Gospel Choir!

The Elementals, welcomes new singers to audition. Our choir is of no specific religion. Although we do tend to sing spiritual, heartfelt, soulful music. We are a strong, committed community choir.

Directed by Ian Laurence, who was a film composer when the Sydney choir first started in 1991. Ian had the dream of getting back into live performance. This is where the concept of The Elementals came from.

Singing in a choir is a great way to share music with audiences! The accent is on the expression of feelings through music. So there’s lots of joy, soul, great musicianship without forgetting plenty of focus!

Developing the strength & confidence in your singing. May encourage you to do a “solo” performance within our community choir.


Do I need to audition?

In short, there is no formal audition. But you will have to sing a song to Ian. So he can check things like; pitch, rhythm and voice control.

Just turn up at 7 pm to sing with us in rehearsal. This will give you the opportunity to learn our style. You can choose to sing a song to the group (if you feel confident enough). If not you can just sing to Ian Laurence – the Director.

Audition Tips

Try to choose a song that is well within your comfort zone. Remember, this is not an exam.
The most important thing is, that you love to sing!

Cost per term

$190, or $170 for the early bird. Casual rates are available.

Rehearsal details

Group rehearsals start at 7 pm sharp. With a short break at 8.15pm. Where we all enjoy a cuppa together.
Then finishing up at 9 pm.

Rehearsal times

Leichhardt (Inner West) – Thursday – 7 – 9 pm.
Click here to contact us for more information.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking in the surrounding streets.

Do I need to read music?

No. This is not necessary!

Is there a uniform?

The Elementals – colours are red and black.

When do all of Ian’s 3 community choirs come together?

In live performances.

How often do you perform?

Usually, four times a year.

Can I go to another rehearsal venue?

Yes, you can. Our 3 community choirs are located in Manly (Northen Beaches), Leichardt (Inner West) and North Sydney.

Do you follow the school term dates?

Yes, we do.

How many songs to I need to learn for a performance.

About 7 – 8.

Are the performances with or without music?



If you are interested in joining one of the funniest singing groups in Sydney, give Ian a call on 0407 431 831.

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