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We want to share some of our auditioning tips with you. To help you feel relaxed and calm for choir auditions!

Here are a few tips for auditioning in a choir that should take away your nerves! And settle you down to sing your heart out!

  1. Make sure you know the correct time and location for your audition. Leave yourself enough time to arrive early.
  2. Ask whether you will need to prepare a piece in advance. Or whether you will be required to sight-read during your audition.
  3. Knowing what you will be singing at your audition is always going to ease your nerves. So it’s a good idea to find out this information as soon as possible.
  4. Go directly to the waiting area until you are called for your audition and don’t wander around.
  5. The person in charge of the auditions won’t be very happy if you interrupt someone else’s audition, simply because you didn’t pay attention to directions.
  6. Always be polite and professional with everyone at the audition, including other singers who are also auditioning on the same day.
  7. Don’t be nervous if the organisers videotape your audition or take photos. Not everyone records auditions in this way, but it does help some judges to decide between different singers.
  8. Intonation and the ability to hold a harmony against a melody are extremely important for singing in a choir. Hence, practice these repeatedly before you attend your audition.
  9. It’s quite normal to wait a few days for the result of your audition, particularly if the auditions flow over a number of days.

We hope you find these tips for auditioning in a choir useful.

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