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You might be amazed to learn that more and more young people are joining choirs, right across Australia! Whether you believe that you can sing or not, joining a choir is a great way to add another interesting layer to your life. So if you are a closet singer, belting out the words to popular songs on the radio, why not join our choir?

Young people can definitely spread their wings in the friendly atmosphere of a choir, but if you are still on the fence about the idea, let’s look at some of the benefits!

Singing in a school choir helps you make new friends

There’s nothing like joining a choir for making new friends. Even if you already have more friends than you can count, there’s nothing better than making more friends! Joining a choir is also a great way for shy people to broaden their base of friends, not forgetting people who are new to the area.

Singing is a great way to relax

Just because you are young doesn’t mean that your life isn’t filled with stress from one direction or another. Singing in a choir can help you relax and forget your day-to-day worries, letting off steam for a few hours.

Singing in a school choir makes you healthier

Research has shown that people who sing in a choir are healthier than those who don’t! Singing with a group of people can help relieve respiratory problems, reduce your blood pressure, lighten your mood and generally improve your overall health.

Singing in a choir helps you to date!

Not found your significant other yet? You will meet so many new people when you join a choir, it’s quite possible that you will meet the love of your life! Whether they also sing in our choir or another choir, or they are a friend or relative of a choir singer, you never know who you will meet!

To join our choir, call me (Ian Laurence) on 0407 431 831 or shoot me an email.

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