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Singing in a choir synchronises our heartbeats

Everyone who sings in a choir knows that singing together makes us feel better, but did you know that it actually synchronises our heartbeats? That’s an absolutely amazing piece of information! An article published in ‘Frontiers of Psychology’ found that since singing...

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Singing makes you happy!

Over the years, I have often heard people in our choir say that they're really tired and didn't want to come to choir practice and needed to talk themselves into coming. At the end of rehearsals however, they felt as if they were walking on air! How does singing make...

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Singing in a choir builds teamwork

Lots of people talk about teamwork and how we need to promote working together as a team in our jobs, particularly when working on projects. Some employers really push this concept and others not so much. But working together to achieve a single goal is something that...

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Does singing in a choir make you happy?

Whilst studies have already shown that singing in small groups makes you happy. No-one had really looked at the effects in large choirs. Well, a study in 2015 did just that and found that whilst singing in small groups might make you happy. Singing in large choirs...

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The Camelot Lounge – Marrickville 

As a boutique music venue, the Camelot Lounge is right at the top of the list for most music aficionados. And since it’s just 15 minutes south-east of Sydney’s CBD, draws in everyone from near and far! What does the Camelot Lounge offer? The Camelot Lounge has been...

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What is singing therapy?

Most of us love singing, even if we can’t hold a tune and only do it in the shower! Singing brings communities together and it can be something as simple as one person starting to sing at a BBQ – then everyone joins in. So you might be wondering if there is such a...

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Getting on top of stage fright

Most people suffer from stage fright to some degree. Even if it means that they break out in a sweat when they need to stand up in front of people and give a speech. This might happen at work if you need to present a report to your team. Or if you are expected to give...

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Learning how to sing

Learning how to sing isn’t that difficult. Some people simply can’t sing, but for most of us, it just takes a little bit of work and a desire to express ourselves in song. If you are afraid to try or even too embarrassed to sing, here are a few tips that should set...

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How to prepare your voice for singing

If you are new to singing in a choir, you will want to know how to prepare your voice for singing to make sure that you don’t strain your voice. All singers have their own preferred methods for taking care of their voices and warming up before a show, so here is a...

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