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British TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” isn’t for everyone, but the one thing is does do well is showcase all the hidden talent in our world. There are people who live simple and ordinary lives, who have amazing singing voices, and nobody knew!

First airing in 2007 and created by Simon Cowell, Britain’s Got Talent has gone from strength to strength. Audiences love to see people on stage who sing their hearts out and give them the applause they deserve. It’s a wonderful show for everyone to watch with their families.

The history of Britain’s Got Talent

Originally meant to air in 2005, it took two years before the show eventually hit the UK screens due to the original host, Paul O’Grady being sacked by ITV. Following the success of America’s Got Talent in February of 2007, Britain’s Got Talent hit the UK screens and the rest is history!

Well-known artists to come from Britain’s Got Talent

Nearly 10 million viewers watch every series of Britain’s Got Talent and we have seen some awesome new talent emerge from this show. Remember Susan Boyle? What about Megan McKenna, Izzy Judd, Shaheen Jafargholi, Charlie Wernham, and George Sampson?

Where are these stars now?

Megan McKenna was a singer with Harmony in series 3 (2009) and has become a reality star, and Izzy Judd was a violinist with Escala in series 2 (2008) and has become a mother and author.

Shaheen Jafargholi was a singer in series 3 (2009) and is now focusing on acting, Charlie Wernham was a comedian in series 2 (2008) and has also turned to acting, as has George Sampson who was a dancer in series 2 (2008).

The most famous singer from this show just has to be Susan Boyle, who went from obscurity to worldwide fame overnight. She is still very successful singer and has released multiple albums, even singing for the Queen at Windsor.

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