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Learning how to sing isn’t that difficult. Some people simply can’t sing, but for most of us, it just takes a little bit of work and a desire to express ourselves in song. If you are afraid to try or even too embarrassed to sing, here are a few tips that should set you on the right track.

Preparing to sing

  1. Stretching exercises, such as yoga are great for singers who are learning how to sing, but you should also massage and stretch both sides of your jaw to help these muscles relax.
  2. Next, reach up over your head and bend down to touch your toes while at the same time releasing a sigh from the top of your range to the bottom.
  3. Then, practice singing the scales and accompany yourself with your favourite instrument, as this helps you to finetune the notes while you are singing.
  4. Following basic melodies is also another way to exercise your vocal range in preparation for singing.

Practicing your singing

5. Learning how to sing involves lots of practice, so set aside some time every day to sing.
6. Remember to relax your tongue while you sing, leaving it resting behind your bottom teeth, only using it for specific consonants, because the more you do this, the more your singing will feel natural.
7. When people are learning how to sing they often exaggerate the movements of their facial muscles to reach some of the notes. This however, creates too much tension in the back of the throat, so relax your facial muscles by placing your hands on both sides of your face as you sing.
8. If you also place your hands over the back of your ribcage (in the kidney area), you can feel your rib cage expand and rise as you sing. This relaxes your stomach muscles and opens your back, both of which will help improve your singing.

Learning how to sing isn’t all that difficult, not if you have a need to sing and you have someone who can guide you to sing your very best.

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