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Elvis has released a new album! He might not be with us anymore, but his soulful gospel music will live forever!

This three disc album was released in 2017 and is a compilation of his most popular gospel songs, which is long overdue. We saw the release of Amazing Grace in 1994, but Peace In The Valley tops even that awesome album, because it showcases his deeply held love of Gospel music.

Peace In The Valley is Elvis at his best

This album is a collection of his Gospel songs, some you may already know, whilst others might surprise you! Who knew that Elvis had recorded so many Gospel songs? We remember his Rock & Roll songs and his dreamy love songs, but this amazing album ensures that his love for Gospel music will never die. This is a soulful album filled with special memories and his God-Given voice that was so mellow and so inspiring. No-one can sing a Gospel song like Elvis!

This album includes tracks like How Great Thou Art, His Hand In Mine, and In My Father’s House, as well as When The Saints Go Marching In, Crying In The Chapel, On The Jericho Road, and I Just Can’t Make It By Myself. It even has three lost songs – Life, Why Me Lord?  and Help Me. These songs as sung so authentically by Elvis that you are truly moved by his faith and wonderful singing voice.

There’s 87 beautiful and uplifting songs on these three discs and they are perfect for lifting everyone’s spirits during the COVID pandemic. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, these songs speak to your soul in a way that only Elvis can accomplish. Elvis won three Grammy Awards for his Gospel songs during his lifetime: How Great Thou Art, He Touched Me, and the live recording of How Great Thou Art.

Why not treat yourself to his new album and join our choir? We love singing Gospel songs! Call me (Ian Laurence) on 0407 431 831 or send me an email to join our choir.

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