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The Elementals Singing Group Sydney

The Elementals began as a workshop singing group in 1991, under the direction of musical director Ian Laurence.

Ian Laurence

In 1991, Ian Laurence was busily working as a film composer, (see Ian Laurence Sydney film composer show reel.

Making great music for film is one thing, but Ian found himself missing the opportunity to make live music, and also to share that with live audiences.

Why The Elementals?

The Elementals was created as an opportunity for singers who have had some experience, either in choirs or commercially, to sing with others with similar ability. Our group is smaller than most community choirs.

Do you need to read music?

No, you don’t have to read music. Most of the time, we do have music notes, so you can follow the words.
Obviously it would be better for you if you could read music but its not a necessity.
Usually our group is taught by ear, as Ian‘s thinks its very beneficial this method. It helps your feel the rhythm better.

Thursday nights 7-9pm

Our rehearsals are on Thursday nights during the school terms. When school goes on holidays so do we.

Free tryout

If you had some experience as a singer, why not come and have a free try out to see if we are right for you?

Phone Ian on 0407 431 831 or email, for a free try out or join our meetup singing group in Sydney.

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