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Lots of people talk about teamwork and how we need to promote working together as a team in our jobs, particularly when working on projects. Some employers really push this concept and others not so much. But working together to achieve a single goal is something that many of us have found makes us feel really good!

Choirs help us achieve a single goal

It’s the same with a choir where a group of people, sometimes a very large group of people, are all striving to achieve the same goal together. Singing in a choir is the epitome of teamwork. And one night after practice we realised that there were more than 15 things that we needed to accomplish in order to sing together in harmony. Now that is teamwork!

For example;

  • We all need to sing the notes correctly as individuals, but also we need to sing together as a unit.
  • We all need to breathe correctly when singing as an individual.
  • But also when singing with others in the choir, so we all breathe in the right places.

We also realised that there is a feeling of support when we sing as a choir

  • Because working together as a team makes us feel confident about the other singers in the choir.
  • We know that if someone makes a mistake, we just keep on singing!
  • Also, if something unexpected happens during a concert. For e.g. maybe all the lights go out, we feel so confident as a team that we know we will just keep singing!

To sing together as a choir, we also need to watch the conductor. This is because a choir needs to all follow the same tempo, & also, be balanced. So and if one section of the choir is overpowering another section part, the conductor will instruct those sections try to get the choir to regain this balance. This is teamwork!

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