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Over the years, I have often heard people in our choir say that they’re really tired and didn’t want to come to choir practice and needed to talk themselves into coming. At the end of rehearsals however, they felt as if they were walking on air!

How does singing make you happier?

Singing really does change your mood and make you feel happier! An Australian study has found that the deep breathing needed by singers moves more oxygen around your body. Releasing endorphins that chemically improves your mood. This study also found that because we need to focus on our breathing and singing, we forget the troubles of our day. Reducing our stress levels as well.


Learning new songs and lyrics is also another way that we can make ourselves feel happier. Because learning something new has been shown to fend off depression. There is also the support system provided by being a member of our choir, meeting new friends and generally having a great time with other like-minded people.

So singing is a natural anti-depressant, lowers stress, improves mental alertness, broadens your communication skills and helps you make more friends.

Can’t be bothered to come to rehearsals?

Having said all of this about the benefits of singing, you might still find yourself procrastinating about attending rehearsals. If this happens to you, I suggest that you simply walk out the door and come to choir practice, knowing that you will feel fabulous at the end!

Just ease yourself into the rehearsal, don’t push things too hard and simply enjoy the company of those around you. Before you know it, you will be concentrating so much on the music, you will have forgotten all about feeling tired. The next thing you know it’s 9 pm and you will feel as though you are walking away on air!

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